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alitchy   2010-03-05 03:30
We will need an automated install for a large number of computers. I have found items on your forum that would allow us to do input the license information and install it for all users on the computer, but we have one new wrinkle.

We do cannot use this software unless there is a way to not install the Screen Saver and Wallpaper Manager components. Being in a corporate environment we dictate both those items to our users, and giving them an avenue to change them is a deal breaker.

Are there command line options that we can thow at the install of ultramon that will not install these components? Or could you provide us with a custom install that removed these features?
Christian Studer   2010-03-05 11:01
You could do this with the ADDLOCAL property, this needs to be set to a list of all the features which should get installed.

Your setup command could look something like this:

msiexec /i <setupfile> /q USERNAME="<registeredTo>" PIDKEY=<regCode> ADDLOCAL=UltraMon,UltraMonMirror,UltraMonShortcuts,UltraMonTaskbar

This would do a silent install of UltraMon without the screen saver and wallpaper manager, and with the registration information already set.

Available features:

UltraMon: the main UltraMon component, needs to be installed
UltraMonDesktop: wallpaper manager
UltraMonMirror: mirroring
UltraMonScreenSaver: screen saver manager
UltraMonShortcuts: shortcuts and display profiles
UltraMonTaskbar: the Smart Taskbar

Christian Studer -
alitchy   2010-03-09 09:01
They you for the prompt reply. I would also be interested in settting default behavior and options within the application (deselect add Maximize to Desktop button, etc.) Is there any way to do this in the install, or can it/will it need to be affected via registry settings after the install?
Christian Studer   2010-03-09 10:01
You would need to do this via the registry after or before the installation, see this thread for more on this.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Considering ultramon for our company - info on msiexec options needed

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