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Christian Studer   2000-07-15 05:37
The following features are planned for UltraMon 2.0, scheduled for release in Q1 2001:

- restoring window positions after re-enabling secondary monitors

- run a different screen saver on each monitor with UltraMon Screen Saver (screen savers on secondary monitors need to have a live preview feature)

- monitor-specific taskbars that list only the applications on that monitor

- wallpaper designer for easy creation of multi-monitor wallpapers

- OpenGL launcher: automates the OpenGL fix by disabling secondary monitors, launching the application, then re-enabling secondary monitors after initialization is finished

- setting the primary monitor from UltraMon (with command-line support). Windows 2000 only

- multi-monitor shortcuts with exact window positioning

- dragging maximized windows to a different monitor

- multimon X-mouse: similar to the TweakUI feature, but tuned for multimon systems

Please note that due to time constraints or implementation difficulties, one or more of the planned features may not be present in the final release.

Beta 1 will be released on August 12.

Please post feature requests and comments here.

Christian Studer
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> UltraMon 2.0

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