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kuglvinkl   2002-05-12 08:10
The new Matrox is comming:

Triple monitors by default! Yes, hot summer is comming. :)
Edd   2002-05-12 20:36
cant get the link to work..
I went to but couldnt see anything either :(

Wouldnt matrox release a 650, or 660 first!? but then again with the current marketting trend it will probably be called the 'Matrox XP' or somthing like that!

darrylb   2002-05-12 21:27
Site is dead now. (that link is)
Christian Studer   2002-05-14 00:21
AnandTech now has a preview of the Matrox Parhelia.

Triplehead and surround gaming look interesting, but unfortunately there isn't much information about these features.

Christian Studer -
Christian Studer   2002-05-14 00:49
Parhelia-512 @ Matrox

Also check out the Feature Summary PDF.

From what I've read so far, the most interesting features seem to be:

- dual VGA (up to 2048x1536x32 on each display) or dual DVI (up to 1920x1200 on each display)
- video overlays on both displays
- multi-monitor hardware-accelerated OpenGL
- 3rd VGA output, but apparently with lower quality
- surround gaming: looks like this works with several games out of the box, no details on how this feature works though

Christian Studer -
Nite   2002-05-14 03:27
They did it. They really did it. I've been waiting/dreaming of this card for over two years now. Now it's here. *sniff* Matrox is my king. If they do a PCI version of the Parhelia-line, they'll be my god ;)

3 screens, each with 1280x1024@32bpp resolution,
Quake3-based games at 100fps. I'm owned by this card ;)

\Nite - "can't rain all the time"
Multi-Monitor Gaming Web
Christian Studer   2002-05-14 10:06
I have taken a closer look at the PowerDesk screenshots, looks like the 3rd monitor will only be available in stretched desktop mode, meaning Windows sees a single large monitor instead of 3 independent displays.

Here's the screenshot:

That doesn't make it too attractive as a 3-monitor card, at least for me. Still looks like an excellent dualhead solution though.

I guess that also explains how surround gaming works: the game thinks you have a single widescreen monitor, and if it supports widescreen resolutions, you have surround gaming.

Of course that's all speculation based on the marketing material, no way to tell for sure at the moment.

Christian Studer -
EZToms   2002-05-14 22:07
I guess U're right on that christian. And to be able to play all those quake engine game right out of the box, U need to be in streched mode. Just like with the good old Gf2 MX with win2k.

Nite   2002-05-15 00:17
Excuse me for showing out my stupidity, but is there any other "drawbacks" in stretched mode other than that all monitors must have the same resolution?

I don't see that as a major drawback conserning games. For desktop solutions it's definitely a limiting factor, but I can't think of any reason for wanting to run some of the monitors at different resolutions while gaming. (other than if one of them is a really old piece of sh*t ;)

\Nite - "can't rain all the time"
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Christian Studer   2002-05-15 00:34
My impression is that the 3rd monitor (ie TripleHead) will only be useful for surround gaming, and nothing else.

It doesn't have any of the advantages of DualHead-HF, like video overlays for every display, high-quality RAMDAC, etc.

And stretched desktop mode has all the disadvantages listed here.

Christian Studer -
Nite   2002-05-15 04:31
Seems indeed that way. The stretched desktop is not really very useful with windows applications, but the more better it is with games. I really hope more game developers would take advantage of multiple monitors. The Parhelia might well be the needed push to that direction.

\Nite - "can't rain all the time"
Multi-Monitor Gaming Web
Nite   2002-05-15 19:15
btw, I read somewhere (forgot where) that the DualHead-HF software would enable users to overcome some of tge stretched-mode problems. eg. Maximizing to one screen or whole desktop, repositioning the message boxes etc. Seems like that the only problem left is the fact that all screens must use same resolution. Not a problem for people who buy new monitors, but us that need to "scavenge" :) for other displays it might be a limiting factor.

\Nite - "can't rain all the time"
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Christian Studer   2002-06-18 06:11
The Parhelia is now available for preorder, see

I have ordered one, and will of course do an in-depth review of the multi-monitor features for the site.

Christian Studer -
Nite   2002-06-18 06:32
I noticed, but *sobsob* I don't have the money... I'll have to start selling things and stuff and.. and my left arm.. and my neighbour's left arm and... :D

\Nite - "can't rain all the time"
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kuglvinkl   2002-06-25 01:37
The thing is out. For now is only review at THG available, 2D test NOT! included (will be on part 2...). Let's wait for Anandtech, and! Chris. St.. BTW: 3D performance: beheind of GeF 4 4600
Nite   2002-06-25 02:07
ExtremeTech has a pretty good review (link at MMGW) of the Parhelia.

I wonder why anyone hasn't done a GF4 with DualView vs Parhelia SG comparison?
(they like the GF4 and it takes a beating that way? :)

\Nite - "can't rain all the time"
Multi-Monitor Gaming Web
kuglvinkl   2002-06-25 03:23
The oooh & aaah test would be comparison between ATi, SiS, 3Dlabs, nVidia and Matrox multi monitor solutions. First reviews are all about 3D performance...
kuglvinkl   2002-06-25 03:34
Because forum does not have option to change previous post, i must post againg.

This site and UltraMon app. is very popular wide in the internet. No mather wich forum you visit, if you ask about multi monitor solution, everyone sends you here. So, Mr. Studer, why dont't You make test described in my poste above?
Christian Studer   2002-06-25 05:09
That would be great, but I would have to buy all those cards myself, which would be a bit expensive...

Christian Studer -
Edd   2002-06-25 19:12
Just incase anyone is interested, there is info about the Parhelia @ AnandTech.

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