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Forums -> Multiple monitors -> ATI Win2k drivers with true multimon support?
Christian Studer   2002-09-10 00:10 has a review of the Radeon 9700, and from the way the second monitor needs to be enabled it looks like ATI may have finally implemented true multi-monitor support on Windows 2000.

Can anyone using an ATI dualhead card on Windows 2000 confirm this?

Christian Studer -
Keith   2002-09-10 00:28
Yes, installed the 9700 Pro(NewEgg OEM) yesterday and OC is right, the buttons for the extend are not there but the extend desktop extends the desktop to two monitors and you deal with each just like XP. My problem is that OpenGL is not working on the second monitor, I had this problem with the 8500 in XP and am not sure how to resolve. Will email ATI this morning.
Christian Studer   2002-09-10 00:39
Thanks for the confirmation. Are you using the drivers?

Christian Studer -
Keith   2002-09-11 05:05
No, the 6143 drivers came on the Sapphire CD, I had been using those with the 8500. For some reason, the 6118 drivers did not work with one of the 3d graphics visualization programs. .6159 is out for XP and supposedly new W2K drivers will be out by the weekend.
Matthew   2002-09-30 23:49
Reviving an old thread....

I just installed the latest drivers for my 8500LE, which were the Catalyst 2.3 drivers (6166). I looked through the multi-monitor setup, and the Hydravision options, and was unable to set my two monitors as separate screens. The extend desktop buttons were still there, and I could not set different resolutions for each monitor. I was able to set different refresh rates, but not resolution.

My machine is running Windows 2000 SP2, Radeon 8500LE, AMD Duron 1.3GHz, 512MB DDR SDRAM.
ThE.HuNteR   2002-12-12 03:42

Same problem here...

Win2k SP2
ATI 8500 BBA

Even with the new Catalysts (2.5) from Dec. 9th, true Multi-Mon does not seem to be possible. I will try Windows XP to see if the single RamDAC is capable of displaying 2 high resolutions at once.

kuglvinkl   2002-12-13 13:20
Are you sure that your's card have 2 RAMDACs? If you have only one, there si still hope :)
nainsg   2002-12-25 04:53
Radeon 8500 has 2ramdac !
I can't try MultiMon, he only find one monitor (W2000, Catalysts 2.5)

help meeeeeeeeeeeeee
warsi   2002-12-26 05:29
same problem here

i have an ati radeon 8500 with 2 ramdacs (some of the oem cards do not have them)

and with win2k i have no real multi monitor.. only span mode

only real multimon with ati 9xxx cards (they could make driver for the 8500er too but ati dont want to.. so people have to upgrade)

microsoft said they solve the win2k problem with 2 mon in sp3 but then they do the same way ati does.. people have to use XP instead of win2k..

Randy   2004-04-24 06:06
I'm not sure how old this thread is but...

I have a 9700 Pro and I'm having issues spanning. Spanning my browser or a pdf is great and all but I'm looking for good old spanning like I used to remember.

UltraMon allows me to set different desktops for my two monitors, but I still can't manage that true spanning mode in movies or games...

It's like the second display just isn't hardware accelerated. I've tried the 3.8, 4.3 and 4.4 cats with and without hydravision.

One odd note is that a .mov file will stretch across and span the two displays...dvd's, avi's mpeg's won't though...

I have also read the article at about multi dislay's and I know what it said about nvidia vs ATi...I had a gf3 ti200 before I got this 9700 pro :]

Please please please if anyone has an idea message me on AIM: dolphumous

Randy   2004-04-24 07:06
OK, I just found out that opengl works fine with real spanning, i was just playing unreal tournament 2004 @ 2560x1024...

gave me a headache because of the 1" between LCD' was doing wierd shiet with my eyes

Now...How does one get all video playback to be opengl?

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