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Cliff   2016-07-28 18:31
When I have more than one item on my secondary monitor the second item on the taskbar says it's either Search Windows or Cortana (if turned on).

Any thoughts on what went wrong?

Christian Studer   2016-07-29 13:34
Could you send me a screenshot showing the issue to

Christian Studer -
Dan   2016-08-11 06:00
I'm experiencing the same behaviour. After the windows 10 anniversary update, secondary monitor shows 'Seach windows'/'Show cortana' button as a secondary button, next to where the start button would've been.
How to reproduce it:
Settings under Taskbar extensions:
Enable secondary taskbars.
Standard mode.
Remove Start from secodnary taskbars.

In windows settings on the main taskbar, enable either Search box/Search icon.

In the secondary monitor the 2nd slot will be overlapping with this 'search button'.

Up untill this anniversary update, this button would not be there. It would disappear when 'Remove Start from secodnary taskbars.' was checked.
Bill   2016-08-11 08:52
Confirmed, this is exactly the same behavior we're seeing in Windows 10 1607. One point of clarification, if you simply observe the taskbar on the secondary monitor (all but the primary), you'll see the correct application icon in position #2. It's not until you go to click on it that the Cortana icon and functionality take over. I've created a short video to show what its doing.
Christian Studer   2016-08-11 13:34
I'll look into this for the next release. It's not a new issue though, can also happen on earlier versions of Windows 10.

Christian Studer -
mike   2018-05-16 11:27
FYI....this issue still exist. Using a new computer with Windows10. Found if I clicked around the edge of the application icon on second monitor, I could maximize that application rather than get the Cortana search dialog box.

Mike M.
Christian Studer   2018-05-16 14:05
Will be fixed in the next release, happens if Cortana is used instead of regular search, or with non-English versions of Windows.

Christian Studer -
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