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Joey   2017-12-04 20:37
In Google Chrome, when the window is maximized (in a single monitor), if you have enough tabs open to bring them all the way across the screen, the Chrome "New tab" button gets covered up by the Maximize to Desktop UltraMon button (i.e., so when you try to open a new tab, you end up triggering the Maximize to Desktop function instead of getting a new tab open).

When the window is NOT maximized, the buttons are higher up, and thus out of the way of the Chrome "New tab" button.

Lastly, I login to Chrome (to share bookmarks, etc) and when I do there is a menu open that I can click on (which in my case is just my name, "Joey"), but when clicking this button it triggers the Move Window function.

It seems the solution to this would be to move the buttons to the left for Chrome in particular and to keep them higher / out of the way when the Chrome window is maximized.

Is this possible? If so, how would it be done?
Joey   2017-12-04 20:46
Okay, so, good news in the case when the window is NOT maximized.

Using the compatibility options and using 50 pixels in the "Custom button spacing" field helped, they are no longer being covered.

The only problem now is when the window is maximized and there is a large number of tabs. When that occurs, the buttons (now moved over to the left) start to ride on top of not only the "New tab" button but also bleed over top of right-most tab as well.

Any thoughts on how to deal with that?
Christian Studer   2017-12-06 02:33
I'm going to look into that, but not sure yet if there is a good solution.

Firefox is the best browser in this regard, it supports adding spacing between the tabs and window buttons, making room for the UltraMon buttons.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Google Chrome Issues with Maximize to Desktop and Move Window Buttons

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