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xsvtoys   2018-06-07 06:31
This seems to be something new on the latest version of Win 10, 64 bit. The move and maximize buttons in the Opera browser (53.0.2907.68) are white colored and pretty hard to see against the light gray of the tool bar. The standard Opera buttons for close, restore, minimize, etc are black.

The odd thing is that when Opera is first launched, those 2 Ultramon buttons are in fact black, but only for a split second, then they turn white.

All the other browsers seem OK, no issues.

Nothing that can't be lived with, just curious if anyone else sees it. As far as I can tell, there is no way to control the color of those buttons.
Christian Studer   2018-06-08 02:40
You'll get this if the sidebar is pinned, happens because UltraMon looks at the top-left corner of the application window to determine the title bar color, and because this is black with the sidebar pinned the white window buttons get used.

You could unpin the sidebar via Settings > Sidebar.

The next release should have a fix for this, a new per-application compatibility option is planned to set the color (white or black) for the window buttons.

Christian Studer -
xsvtoys   2018-06-11 11:45
Thanks Christian,

Yes this fixed it, I don't know why I even had the Opera sidebar pinned, I guess it must be set that way by default, Whatever it is, I don't use it.
xsvtoys   2018-06-14 09:31
Opera just did an update and sure enough it enabled the sidebar again, so that explains how it got turned on. Microsoft pulls this same crap with their constant Windows updates, OK fine you need to update the software but can't you leave my custom settings alone instead of returning them to default on every update? Annoying.

Ultramon - does NOT do this! :)
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Opera move and maximize buttons - white color

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