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Choi   2003-09-12 06:28
does anyone know of any solutions like max vista where you can use a laptop as a second monitor for a desktop?
Matt   2003-09-18 08:50
Check out UltraVNC - they have a virtual display driver option in an old version (1.0.6) that lets you do exactly what you're looking for.
Walter   2003-09-22 10:49
Nope. UltraVNC actually has a virtual graphic card driver but does a totally different thing compared to maxivista. maxivista is pretty unique and i do not know any other software like that. I have read in a german pc magazine that it will be released in october.

Walter Jung
Matt   2003-09-22 16:11
Nope again.. take a close look at the virtual display driver (version 1.0.6), and you'll find that it does the same thing as Maxivista.

I installed it myself and was able to use my laptop screen as a second monitor. It is by no means easy to setup, though. The laptop runs the UltraVNC client, and the desktop has the virtual display driver. Sometimes you have to make the virtual display your "primary", then connect to it with the UltraVNC client on the laptop, that way your client it viewing the virtual display.

It's a bit slow, but not seeing the Maxivista solution, I don't know if it's any better.
Walter   2003-09-23 06:16
I tried it again and installed UltraVNC but without luck. It simply does what it is intended for but not what I want.

I must be stupid ;-) ...and better wait for Maxivista as it is the dedicated solution for what I desperately want.

ecarlson   2003-09-23 10:58
Matt: Where exactly is the Virtual Display Driver? I couldn't find it on their web site.

- Eric
Matt   2003-09-24 07:41
Ah! Looks like they are no longer officially supporting the virtual display driver, as they've removed the link to it from their site.

After installing UltraVNC, you install the drivers from here:

Also check here:

For the file ""

I don't know if these drivers work with the latest UltraVNC, but I think they worked with RC109 (Setup-UltraVNC-RC109-Win32.exe), which you can find at my latter link.

Good luck!
ecarlson   2003-09-24 10:48
Thanks. I downloaded both files from the second link. I don't know when I'll have time to test it though.

- Eric
ecarlson   2003-09-24 10:53
PS: If you want to make your links in your posts active, enclose them in standard "a href" HTML tags, like it says in the "hint" at the bottom of the post window.

- Eric
AZ   2005-06-09 03:02
what a GREAT hint! This was exactly what I was searching for - VIRTUAL graphics driver.

But: First, I am only able to install two of those virtual drivers. Is there any possibility to install further drivers? Is there any alternative offer in the meantime for "virtual graphics drivers"? Second, some more resolutions would be a good thing...

Thanks a lot for any hints in advance!

PS: Maxivista sucks, because it ISNT possible to activate those virtual drivers unless another notebook/PC is connected via network... :-/
Thiadrik   2005-06-13 01:01
check the have some nice programs
AZ   2005-06-14 09:01
that looks like a maxivista-clone - I'm actually searching for stand alone virtual video drivers, whoever is able to program stuff like this, please message me!
Fudrake   2005-08-16 20:25
Hey- I don't know if you're still around Matt, but can you give a more detailed guide as to how that can be achieved?
TH   2005-08-17 02:08
Try a company called Xview ( They build multi-monitor computers and laptops...and also provide kick-butt tech support.
Armand Pucs   2006-01-23 22:07
It really works :)

I tried it with the latest version of UltraVNC, but without sucess.

But using the RC109 version and the virtual driver mentioned above - everything goes fine :)

Before that I tried to crack MaxiVista, but their security system ir too damn good.
THe genius   2010-03-10 17:44
ofcource there is a way better option that maxivista
it is not as good but it does the same thing for free
why waste like 40$

THe AssASsIn
jd   2016-01-28 12:01
This list is on
I have not tried any of them but they do claim similar behavior.
Air Display (Avatron)
AirParrot 2 (Squirrels)
Duet Display
Extramon (KaVoom!)
iDisplay (Shape Services)
MaxiVista (Bartels Media)
ScreenSlider (REDFLY Celio Corp.)
TwomonUSB, TwomonAir (DevGuru)
VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
XDisplay (splashtop)
ZoneScreen (ZoneOS)
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Any other Solutions like maxivista

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