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Forums -> Multiple monitors -> ATI's Control Center supports DualHead Gaming!
John H   2004-09-06 01:45
Hey Everyone,

Confirmed on a 9800 pro and X800XT (a buddies) so far, the new Catalyst driver supports an "extended desktop" mode that is required to support dual head games or certain 3D apps that need to see a 'big desktop' to run..

To use this, install the new "Catalyst Control Center", (go into the control center)
click on "view", then "displays manager", then click on the "wizard". from there you can configure an 'extended desktop'.

Please note, so far it only appears to work up to 1600x600. You can go higher if you play games / force Powerstrip to do things, but I have verified X2 The Threat operation at this rez..

Thought some people here might be interested..

John Heritage
Christian Studer   2004-09-07 03:18
Thanks for the information.

Only seems to be available in the new control center though, I installed the 4.8 drivers for my Radeon 9000, and there are no options for span mode.

According to ATI's site, the new control center is supported by the Radeon 9500 and later cards.

Christian Studer -
Tony   2004-09-07 23:52
Where can I find this new control center? I can't find it on ATI's site and I don't see any span or addition extended desktop options in 4.8 Catalyst drivers...

Tony   2004-09-07 23:58
I did another search using google and found the beta drivers you're talking about. I'm downloading them now to see how they work out. I'm using a Radeon 9800XT and 9200.
Tony   2004-09-08 00:48
I downloaded the Control Center, but everytime I try to run it it says I don't have the required hardware or software. I know i have the .NET Framework v1 and v1.1 along w/ my Radeon cards.

Any ideas?

I'm running XP w/ SP2.
KuDawg   2004-09-12 13:57
Hey I installed the net.fram plus got the cat control center to work, I only seen 3 to choose from, and the horizontal is what im using.. The res is 2048x768. Im using a x600 card, now starting a game like quake3, it shows the same screen on both monitors. Any reason why or how to get it to span across?

Fedder   2004-09-12 22:41
I have the same problem as Tony, it says that it cant install cause it cant find my hardware ?? i read that "Net frame" can have problem cause different language, i installed the Danich and same problem ??
Tony   2004-09-14 00:05
After several reattempts with it, I gave up. I tried installing it six different ways (with 4.8 drivers, 4.9 beta's, without drivers, safe mode, argh). Same problem.

Then I found when the real 4.9's came out with the Control Panel included, I noticed it still didn't install it, but at least now I get a "real" reason. They upgraded the program to say I have more than one video card which Control Center says it currently only supports one. Figures.

Matrox or nVidia are the only real means for spanning desktops right now. Hopefully with the start of Control Panel they might do something in the future.

Better yet, I hope PCI Express will solve my desktop spanning requirements with multiple cards one day.
Fedder   2004-09-14 02:23
I agree, it not possible too get 2 Video card too work in games with the catalyst drivers – I hope that ATI or the companies that manufacture ATI Video cards makes a new card that can have 3 or 4 ore more monitors
Airbus A320   2005-01-15 23:19
With control center I managed to have 2 monitors spanned horizontally. After spanning however the refesh rate is 60hz and I cannot change this. Both monitors are capable of much higher rates. Anyone the same problem or clue?
ABDULLAH   2005-03-02 20:43
I have P4 1.6 Ghz machine with ATI Radeon 7000 ,Operating system Windows 98 SE ,
Problom No Windows Media Player on my Extend monitor (T.V) What can i do Help Me Please!!
BrandonScott   2005-03-18 11:18
Is there any 9200 alternative to the catalyst control center? I can't run that program and I can't span without it, or can I? any advice?

Brandon Andrew Scott
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