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Christian Studer   2006-03-15 23:33
Matrox has announced dual and quad video cards for use with terminals. In addition to the hardware, special software for installation on the terminal server will be included.

From the available information, it looks like this software will be used to simulate a regular multi-monitor environment when a remote session is stretched across multiple monitors on the terminal client, for example windows maximizing only to a single monitor.

Matrox EpicA products are scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2006.

Christian Studer -
ALEX   2006-03-23 09:20
Support for high resolution RDP session requires RDP client version 6.0 (only Vista Beta at this time). Win2k3 already supports resolutions above 1600x1200 limitation.

We have tested this functionality and can reproduce it without any special hardware 1920x1200 x 2 (over two monitors) -
. We would be glad to work with Ultramon to integrate Ultramon functionality with Microsoft Terminal sessions (via RDP) as well as Citrix ICA which already supports resolution above 1600x1200.

Peter Jones   2006-05-15 22:56
cool site

Peter M Jones
mmd   2006-06-26 06:15
The new EpicA harwdare and software for thin computing was released on Friday.
Chris   2006-10-04 06:43
Does this Matrox solution allow you to open an RDP session and have it span across 2 monitors? By default, with 2 monitors, the RDP session will be confined to the primary monitor.

Can someone clarify/confirm that Matrox can do this?

On another note, RDP 6.0 with the /span switch will support this!
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Matrox EpicA - multiple monitors for terminals

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