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Forums -> Multiple monitors -> nVidia Detonator XPs + WinXP = TRUE twinview....needs verification.
@hlon   2001-09-10 13:21
Just saw this posted at anandtechs forums as regards to TRUE multimonitor support in Win XP using the new Detonator XPs....i cannot verify this unfortunately as i dont use a Twinview card.


TwinView in WinXP lets me separate the displays (different res, refresh, and color depth)!!!! To date, only Matrox could separate displays in Win2K. nVidia has got it working in XP. Unfortunately, my luck didn't carry over to Win2K. "

Anyone up for a little WinXP + Det XP + Twinview testing ? :P
Kristian   2001-09-10 13:55
how about the link to the post you read? I tried the drivers but with no luck. I'd like to learn more about what you read.

@hlon   2001-09-10 21:56

Info posted by SUOrangeman, 6th post, its the only mention of it ive seen though, no one else talking about it.

Which build of WinXP are you trying it on BTW?
Kristian   2001-09-10 23:50
RC2 build 2562

Ghent   2001-09-11 00:44
Sorry guys :(
I tried the Detonator XP with Win XP (Build 2600) and it doesn't offer me real TwinView :(
They made somethings better:

U can increase ur resolution to 3200x1024 (or so)
U can now change the different frequencies to higher values (120Hz on each)

but NO real TwinView support.


P.S.: Sorry my bad english but I'm german :)
Ghent   2001-09-11 07:32
CORRECTION: IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have now true Multimonitorsupport under Windows XP!!!!!!!
EZToms   2001-09-11 08:23
I have sold my geforce2 mx twinview for a geforce 3 but thumbs up for nvidia ;)

q   2001-09-11 09:13
ME too! Xp has true twinview support just like WinME - got a gainwaid geforce2mx400 GS
WiNC   2001-09-11 15:20
I can confirm that WinXP and the new drivers do offer twinview... however Twinview setting on the NVidia drivers is disabled.

Therefore WinXP has the same type of setup like with Win98SE - however there is no span hozt or verticle like before.

anyway to show the information


2 monitors
Current desktop: 2560x960 (0,0 - 2560,960)

Monitor 1 (primary):
Settings: 1280x960, 32-bit color, 60 Hz refresh rate
Coordinates: 0,0 - 1280,960. Workspace: 0,0 - 1280,960
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400
Device name: \\.\DISPLAY1

Monitor 2:
Settings: 1280x960, 32-bit color, 60 Hz refresh rate
Coordinates: 1280,0 - 2560,960. Workspace: 1280,0 - 2560,960
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400
Device name: \\.\DISPLAY2


I haven't done much in the line benchmarking within WinXP yet with the GEForce 2 MX DH Pro - bit from what I can tell from Windows 98SE it is pretty good, and I did have a increase of 500 points within 3dMark2000 from about 6600 points at 800x600 16bit to 7200.

WiNC   2001-09-11 21:21
Well I have done some testing with the 21.60 and from my tests the speed within 3dMark 2000 is about 500-600 extra in Windows98SE - however in Win2k you seem to lose a lot of that.

Win98SE = 7216 800x600 16bit
Win2k = 5985 800x600 16bit

This is further shown in games - though games are really important to me - I don't expect a operating system with new drivers to have a massive decrease in playablity. Unreal Tourniment became almost unplayable in 800x600 32bit mode, and even in 16bit mode there was jumping.

Though the drivers do give the Dual Monitor modes that some of use are looking for - I'm finding them different to tweak to get them working in games without issues like jumping and a little graphic corruption.

Gonna have to go back to Win98SE/Win2k myself - Win2k for graphics and applications - Win98SE for games still
@hlon   2001-09-12 05:38
Glad to see its been confirmed for you guys on Twinview cards.

WiNC...are you using 2K or one point your talking XP and next its 2k... ??

As for gaming, from my own and nearly everyone elses use of the OS, WinXP has been found to be just as good as 98SE, and Win2k can with a bit of tweaking (and luck i might add :P ) be up there too, not sure whats going on with your scores there. Were the scores XP or 2K ?
@hlon   2001-09-12 05:52
Also, the Detonator XPs are 21.81
WiNC   2001-09-12 08:31
@hlon I'm talking about both - I have tested it in both OS (and Win98SE). I would use a Win98SE/WinXP dualboot - but I will only do that probably when I get the final version of the OS - since it isn't out until October and the review I have of the software has a few frustrating things in it that are... well frustrating me :)

"As for gaming, from my own and nearly everyone elses use of the OS, WinXP has been found to be just as good as 98SE" <---Well from the tests we have done with 3dMark2000 and with Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament it has been slower then Win98SE. This is probably drivers - especially since it has got worse with the 21.60 drivers. The original drivers that came with my leadtek (12.60) are very good speed within WinXP - however after 14.40+ there is a continued decrease in speed (that I have noticed). This only appears to be a issue with probably MX cards - I was informed that 21.60 are best for GEForce 3 cards but as you and I all know with WinXP and Win2k you need 21.60 to use twinview.

"not sure whats going on with your scores there. Were the scores XP or 2K ?" - Oh all of my testing has mainly been with XP right now since that is what I'm thinking of moving too... Basically the scores have been pretty low overall with WinXP.

Now there is a few issues with these tests - because there could be a issue with VIA chipsets and XP etc... Either way, most people have stated they have seen pretty good response from XP (like someone who owns a Voodoo 5 card) in which the scores have matched or been better then Win98SE.

I'll keep everyone a breast of any information if I figure out why there is such a slow down on the systems we have. (Both systems have GeForce 2 MX (one of those is a DH Pro).

@hlon   2001-09-12 13:01
It is odd that you are having problems with it, as like i say, everysingle person i know runing it has had great success, and whilst some of the hardware sites do object to it on the point of WPA, they are showing it to be right up there or above 98SE in the gaming dept

Hope you find the problem.
WiNC   2001-09-12 15:57
Well that is funny, because I'm kinda in with a lot of people - and the only graphics cards which seem to be better on the WinXP platform are appearing to be anything that is a GTS or higher, or a voodoo 5 etc.

Myself, my partner, and my next door friend all have GEForce2 MX cards and they have all taken a hit. Another friend of mine has a Voodoo 3 PCI which has taken a massive hit in Frames, and another friends has a TNT 2 Pro which has taken a hit.

I'm guessing that it is either drivers, or the way certain hardware supports directX 8.1 or WinXP.

Either way - to make blanket statements that it is overall better for everyone would be dangourse right now because from what I have seen some people have good increases or the same - while some others are suffering problems with it. And again this could be related to certain types of games.

Hi$c@n BMK   2001-09-12 20:49
Does this true dual monitor works under Windows2K and the d├ętonator XP ?

Bram   2001-09-12 23:46
Have tested Detonator XP under XP RTM (build 2600) and can confirm that Twinview works.

You can have different resolutions, refresh rates & color depths accross your monitors.

Twinview card I have is MX400.

Morpher   2001-09-13 01:33
Sorry for asking this again, has anyone an idea why my system (XP 2600 Corp) only recognizes a digital flatpanel instead of my second monitor? Throughout alle Detonators there's no difference. In w2k no probs. PLease help.

Regards Morpher
Winger300   2001-09-13 23:37
This may be due to an incompatibilty with the card and your monitor. Does it happen with all monitors?

If it doesn't you will probably need to cut out pin 15 on the VGA cable to disable the Plug and Play features of the monitor.
Joe Lianes   2001-09-17 06:35
Yeah it works, but I'm experiencing hard locks ones I drag things to the secondery monitor! The weird thing is that my tv application (Hauppauge win tv pci) just keeps going like nothing has happened. Anyone else has systems that locks up on them with det. xp?
mrxpert   2001-09-19 01:31
I have both a geforce3 & geforce2mx (dualview) all in the same machine (so 3 monitors)

I can confirm that in this configuration it DOESN'T WORK (you only have 2 monitors)

Kind regads
Z3R0K   2001-09-19 04:59

Can people in the forum clarify the situation about TWINVIEW in WIN XP. I've seen post describing it works and others.. well I'm sure you've seen the previous posts...

Can ANYONE tell me if it is possible to get WIN XP to see the GF2 MX400 (Asus 7100) twinview as a true MULTI-MONITOR system (right click on desktop in properties, seeing 2 screens...), independant res and NOT as a single wide desktop surface (2560 * 1024).
Problem I am having with the twinview implementation is that when you say full-screen to an application (MS Media player, or Terminal server client, etc..), it still sees the screen as a single display pane and apps gets split.

Is there any hope ?

I would appreciate any constructive feedback.
EZToms   2001-09-19 18:43
Read the words ;)

Kristian   2001-09-24 05:59
Don't use the horizontal or vertical spanning options in the Advanced settings. Just tell it to force detection of the second monitor and reboot. When you go into the display settings afterwards you will find two screens that you can adjust.

Unex   2001-10-13 23:01
I want to use a resolution of 1280x1024/32bit on each monitor. Can a GF2MX/TwinView provide 100Hz refresh rate on each monitor?

I am using an Iiyama Vision Master Pro 510 and a Vision Master Pro 512 (both 22"). I am using the Matrox G550 along with Windows XP build 2600.

On the Matrox I am using 85Hz on both screens ... I know they do 100Hz when I use another videocard but the Matrox only goes up to 85Hz ... what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!
Albert Claret   2001-10-14 07:59
In my system (Diamond Stealth III AGP, Teppro Nvidia Geforce II MX 200 PCI w/ TV-Out) I get true Twinview support, and I get three seperate displays - one for the monitor hooked up to the AGP card, another for the monitor hooked up to the Nvidia, and another for the TV, also hooked up to the Nvidia card.
Lostone   2001-12-02 01:58
why in the world would you need two monitors for one computer

the easyest way to get lost is to go straight
Zach Lehman   2001-12-05 08:57
I have been having a frustrating problem with Windows XP and Nvidia cards, my system consists of an AGP GeForce 3, and a PCI dual head, twinview GeForce 2MX (both Leadtek cards)

Under Windows XP, with the latest posted Detonator drivers (21.83?) I get periodic hard crashes especially when changing the "primary monitor" from one card to another. I generally want to change the primary monitor when attempting to watch DVD's on one of the secondary monitors (3 monitors total, one on GeForce 3, two attached to the dual head GeForce card)

XP will sometimes generate a semi-helpful error about a write failure attributed to the drivers for the GeForce 2 card.

the system boots fine with all 3 displays, and I can generally do basic 2D non hardware accelerated operations without any problems, but again... as soon as I try to play DVD's, or switch the primary display, it will invariably crash.

Aside from these probelems, the system is rock solid. I have real twinview functionality, with the Ge Force 3 being the center monitor, and the 2 Geforce MX displays on either side, I am running all displays at 1280X1024 One Geforce 2 monitor runs at 60 HZ (flat panel display) the GeForce 3, and the other Geforce 2 display are both running at 85 Hz, 32 bit color depth.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, sorry for the lehghty post.

Thanks in advance,

Forums -> Multiple monitors -> nVidia Detonator XPs + WinXP = TRUE twinview....needs verification.

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