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Christian Studer   2002-03-31 00:19
Share your multi-monitor tips and tricks here.

Efficient multi-monitor browsing

Internet Explorer has a neat feature for multi-monitor users: you can drag and drop links between browser windows.

Say you want to do a web search: open two browser windows on two monitors. Run the query in one window, then simply drag/drop a search result link into the second browser window to view it.

You can also drag HTML or image files from Windows Explorer to a browser window.

Christian Studer -
phobo   2002-04-01 01:39
I tried submitting my entry into the database but got a 500 (internal server error), so your asp script is probably having some sort of database communication problem:

Please add:

Submitted by phobo (contact me by posting on forums at on Apr 1, 2002
Win2000, 2 monitors, 2 video cards
Genuine Intel Pentium III 500,
256 MB SDRAM SDRAM, 14 GB HDD etc.

(For TNT): Viewsonic E70
(For 3dfx): Hansol 710A

Make sure you put the refresh rate on both monitors to the same setting otherise a small amount of visual interference occurs.

Card 1:
AGP, Nvidia Riva TNT2 M64 chipset
Standard drivers used (whatever is installed/detected by default within W2k)
Card 2:
PCI, 3dfx Voodoo2 chipset
You must use the driver so that your 3dfx Voodoo2 is used as a 2d standalone card, not a 3d Accelerator. Available on and and

Colours are slightly washed out, despite monitor and software tampering, so swapped for another monitor in the office to resolve this issue. The driver means you are limited to 1024x768 if you want 65535 colours.(recommended)
Christian Studer   2002-04-01 02:32
Thanks for the heads up, the entry has been added, see Config 3332.

Problem was that the Submitted By field was too long, and the script doesn't do length validation. Will be fixed.

Christian Studer -
Jeremy   2002-04-08 10:31
Outlook/Outlook Express tip

Have Outlook open in your secondary monitor. When you double click a message, leave it unmaximized and move it to your primary monitor. Make the window with the message in it the size you prefer to read messages in and close it.

Now double click on the message again in Outlook and it should open in the last place you closed it.

You should be able to "flip" through your messages with the up/down arrows at the top of the message window, or delete them with the delete button.

The cool thing is, in your secondary monitor where the main program resides, you can see which message you are reading!

This works extremely well when using outlook express to read message board posts.

Thats my tip.
Nite   2002-04-12 03:44
For those who would like to keep references/text/etc on their secondaries that need more height than width. check out my thread at:

it's especially for those of you who happen to have the priviledge of owning a LCD Flat Panel. Others can join me in my quest to solve the strange problem...

\Nite - "can't rain all the time"
Multi-Monitor Gaming Web -
Cam   2002-04-28 15:58
duel monitors in 2k aint workin for me... it says that both video cards are working properly in the device manager but when i go into the display properies there is no option for the second monitor....

any ideas?
Tony   2002-05-26 23:48
Okay, I'm running an older SS7 system with a K6-2+ 550, with Win2K SP2. My video cards are: GeForce2MX AGP and a Creative Riva TNT PCI(1). Twin View will work on the GeForce with 1 Monitor, and a TV. But as soon as I try to extend desktop to the second monitor(on the TNT1, no TV) in display properties, the mouse disapears, and the system freezes. I've tried both PCI and AGP as primary in bios, no luck. If the PCI card is primary, The Win2K boot screen will appear and sty there, while the desktop shows up on the AGP monitor. Now where in the bios do I look for the so called ACPI (what is that anyway?) and how can I deactivate it? Could it be called something else?

Thanks for any help,

Tony   2002-05-26 23:54
Oh yeah, I'm using Detonators 28.32, I did get the setup to work in Win98SE, but never in Win2K. Tony.
Ignacio   2002-05-27 14:45
I have
pentium 3 750, 256mb...
a sis 6.30 onboard agp card...
connected with a viewsonic e70
and a pci trident 9685 w/tv out
connected with a samsung syncmaster 3
the operative system is windows xp professional

I can't make it work

problem... code 10...
but also the problem is that the trident has old drivers...

if somebody can help
the mother is a pcchips m756lmrt+

fargo   2002-05-29 09:24
Ok got 2 monitors working sweet
win XP home
Celaron 700
256mb ram
AGP geforce 2mx 400 one output on Plug and play monitor
PCI 3D labs PERMEDIA2 on default monitor

it worked like an extention to the desk top, ie move mouse off one and on to the other, then i instaled ultraMon now i got second task bar and everything

no real probs it was easy
Brianinlv   2002-05-30 05:47
I have a small NOC I am setting up.
I have 9 Monitors in total-

Is there anyway to get all 9 monitors on one machine ?


MT   2002-06-07 03:43
Been using multimonitor for a while now, Radeon 7500 and Matrox Millenium II.
Today I received (finally) the missing adapter for the Radeon that allowed me to plug my third CRT monitor in.

Then the fun began :)

Display quality from the DVI->VGA adapter output of the radeon was, frankly, shocking. I was using Omega radeon drivers, so I reverted to original drivers.
That improved quality slightly - text was at least readable. However my Radeon (an OEM Jetway card) doesnt get on well with official drivers :). On reboot, it gets stuck in a reboot loop.
Visiting Jetways site, I found a bios fix for the DVI output under win2k. I'm on XP, so I thought I'd give it a try. I also followed a guide to fully and utterly uninstall all ATI drivers.
This fixed the output issues (eventually), but somehow it nuked the fact that XP knew about my Matrox card.
So off to matrox for a driver upgrade. This enabled the display again, all screens lovely and clear, but I started getting random crashes when working in the matrox screen.
I tracked this down to the matrox powerdesk software, disabled everything, and now working fine :)

Links :
Jetway drivers and bioses
Matrox drivers and bioses
Matrox users support
Built by ATI drivers
Powered by ATI (OEM) drivers
Completely uninstalling ATI drivers
MT   2002-06-07 03:44
Brian - your best bet would be something like the Matrox G200 PCI - supports 4 monitors per card. Not so hot on 3d tho.
Rob   2002-06-08 02:56
Uh... with trident cards, they have to be set as the startup card. I got mine to work that way with a trident 9440 and a 3dfx 3500. However, the and the monitor suck so much I just did away with it. Yet I had the same problem with win2k to where when you extend the desktop, the system froze. I restarted it and adjusted the video settings for the trouble shooting and sizes before I enabled it. Then when I restarted, it started up perfectly, so I don't know a guranteed fix. ACPI is advanced configuration and power interface and you enable/disable it in the bios under power management. It could have an effect on the card, and I wish I knew about that option. One last thing is the slot in which your pci graphic resides. Due to bus mastering (which I've only heard but haven't experienced) some pci slots have it and some don't (from what I've heard) so switching the graphics card around on the pci slots could fix the problem. And lastly, the drivers. Sometimes the new drivers will make it work, sometimes they'll just make thing worse, since there is no gurantee, EXPERIMENT. That is all, hope some of this helps.

seamonkey420   2002-12-10 16:51
-Photoshop 7

I like to have one of my monitors just be the image i am editing and the other ones contain my toolbars and i have windows explorer open to the folder i have the images i am importing/cropping. Just click and drag the files into photoshop and have more space to view/edit your image at the same time!

-Party Mode via winamp.
Proud to be a geek and wanna look cool? (this is for geforce cards that have nview support, either a tv-out or a dual vga out) OPen winamp at a party and ues it for your music and then open us the Visualization Studio and go the Options > Display and put a check next to Overlay mode and a check next to "Set desktop to color". Also make sure you overlay is set to Auto in the display properties > Settings > Advanced > Geforce
Your secondary monitor will now show the visualization as the desktop... psychedelic..

'knowledge is power, spread the power'
seamonkey420's guides
richard   2003-03-29 16:11

We have installed an Appian X 4 head card to input video across 4 data screens. The card has installed and software loaded we think correctly but we cannot get the Video in function to load up. claims "no adaptor" This is the only video card in the pentium 3 unit with win 2000 loaded. any ideas please.

Richard Newton
b2ag   2003-06-27 03:44
For cool party visualisations you can also use Milkdrop plugin for Winamp. It provide a multimonitor support to run your vis on one a second monitor.
Mike   2004-12-05 08:43
I got a geforce4 Mx 440 & on-board asus via/s3g unichrome adaptor.

When the geforce4 card is in the on-board card doesn't work I get a code 10.

What do you guys recommend That works with the card I got?

I'm on windows xp this is supposed to work.
m2h   2004-12-19 19:07
Forget fraps. With certain versions of drivers. You can clone your primary screen out the video out, and then bring it back in the video in to capture what is happening on screen. LOL. Doesnt always work. Expect random crashes. But cool effect, and sometimes useful.

Acomplished on:
Windows 2000 Pro SP4
darstrix   2005-05-27 16:21
Ignacio 2002-05-27 20:45
I have
pentium 3 750, 256mb...
a sis 6.30 onboard agp card...
connected with a viewsonic e70
and a pci trident 9685 w/tv out
connected with a samsung syncmaster 3
the operative system is windows xp professional

I can't make it work

problem... code 10...
but also the problem is that the trident has old drivers...

if somebody can help
the mother is a pcchips m756lmrt+


ok, you ca fix it by setting your bios to "init PCI first" on video options :)

my problem is:
How to get video on my TV with this card using WinXP

my duals:) :
nv G-FORCE-FX6200 + Trident 9685 w/TV
Creative Sound Blaster 16 PnP AWE 32 + VIA AC'97 Audo
HP3550 + HP695c
Genius Collor Page Vivid Pro II + Genius Collor Page Vivid 1200XE
AMD AthXP 1700+
fantasiatls   2005-05-28 13:31
Hi Brianinlv
This is for you...
I personally am working with a client and set up 8, you can do the 9 with the video on the motherboard.
I purchased 2 QUAD Matrox Millenium G200 PCI card this gave me 4 monitors to 1 card.
I purchased 2 Quad Monitor Stands to hold the LCD monitors.
I shut off the onboard video.
I warn you.. I set this up for a stock brocker not a gamer and I am having issues with 3 different stock tickers and the monitors shutting off... the same as if you tried to run a 3D screen saver. Soooo warning. I also up'd the tower to a gig of ram and a 450 power supply.
The whole thing cost me 3900.- including the monitors... not a cheap way to have fun.

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