Check if your system already supports two monitors

Most video cards have support for two monitors, for example the card might have VGA + DVI outputs, and maybe a TV output like HDMI.

Output types:

  • VGA: analog output, used by CRT and also some flat panel monitors and TVs
  • DVI and DisplayPort: digital outputs used by flat panel monitors
  • composite, S-video and component: analog outputs used by TVs
  • HDMI: digital output used by high-definition TVs

A video card with more than 2 outputs doesn't necessarily support 3 or more monitors, most cards only support 2 monitors, but let you use either 2 monitors or 1 monitor + 1 TV.

Laptops usually support using the internal monitor + 1 external monitor via an output on the back or side of the laptop:

Laptop with VGA output on the back

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