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Quick Death   2022-06-17 18:48
Have a "work program" that used to display excellent in Windows 10 with Ultramon. In Windows 11, the "Move Windows Button" does not display graphically. I am able to click in the area the button is supposed to be and it works. I've tried the "alternative method" and the "force method" neither displays the button. HELP!!!

Is this a Windows 11 bug?
Christian Studer   2022-06-19 13:57
Can you send me a screenshot of the application's title bar to

Christian Studer -
Quick Death   2022-06-20 07:50
Sent . . .
Quick Death   2022-06-22 10:22
With the application already running, close UltraMon and restart it -- this does allow the button to become visible.

Is there a way to do this initially or is this a Windows 11 issue that has to be fixed in a future version of UltraMon?
Ian   2023-03-08 07:03
I have the same issue on some of the apps I use, either no visible button or very, very feint buttons almost impossible to see.

I think it is related to apps in windows startup that are consequently active before ultramon is, because if I close one of the affected apps and open it manually with ultramon already running the buttons are nice and visible
Christian Studer   2023-03-08 14:03
Ian, are you also using Windows 11?

Christian Studer -
Mike   2023-06-05 08:49
I am also running Windows 11 and I have been seeing the same issue for a while. Sometimes the move window button is in white, sometimes in black and sometimes not visible at all.
Mike   2023-06-05 08:52
This issue seems to be a repeating theme with Windows 11 and Ultramon.

If you scan down the form subject you will see several more comments about this.

Should all of these be combined into one forum entry?
Christian Studer   2023-06-06 15:18
This can happen due to the rounded window corners, a patch is available for this:

To install it, close UltraMon, then copy the files from the ZIP file to C:\Program Files\UltraMon.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Windows 11 Move Button Not Graphically Visible

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