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iwan   2023-01-15 16:07
Hi There

Try UltraMon mirroring, i choose "One or more monitor" click NEXT but i dont get the second panel (where i can choose which monitor) it jump to the last panel with START option.

Also tried suing Shortcut, im able to choose what i want to do to second monitor, but when i choose LANDSCAPE Flip. its fliped upsidedown, not leftright.

What i want to achieve is 2nd monitor fliped leftright, not mirrored.

Where do i missed?
im running on windows 10 pro, conect using hdmi to dvi

Christian Studer   2023-01-16 16:06
You'll only get the monitor selection screen if your system has 3 or more monitors, otherwise the primary will always get mirrored to the secondary monitor.

UltraMon can only flip a display when mirroring one monitor to another, to set this up check one of the 'flip mirror image' options on the last page of mirroring settings.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> no 2nd option on Mirroring

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