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Quick Death   2023-08-11 12:44
Is it possible via a script to close all apps on the second monitor after 10minutes?
Christian Studer   2023-08-12 06:05
Should the script wait 10 minutes then close the apps, or would you want a script which monitors application launches and closes applications after they have been running for 10 minutes?

Christian Studer -
Quick Death   2023-08-15 03:53
Requested to close ALL applications on second monitor only. We have a program on the primary monitor that launches an application on the second monitor. Trying to autoclose only the second monitor application after 10min. It shares the same EXE file, so I am trying not to set it up by name (worried that program will close on both primary and secondary monitor)
Christian Studer   2023-08-16 05:32
Does the window on the second monitor have a unique caption/title?

A script could launch your application, then wait 10 minutes and just close that specific window. Or it could close all windows on the second monitor created by the application.

Christian Studer -
Quick Death   2023-08-16 09:02
The windows on the second monitor does have a unique title: 'Edge Presenter'. The EXE opens the program and request after 10min of inactivity the application would close.
Christian Studer   2023-08-19 12:59
I have uploaded a script which does this: LaunchAppQD.vbs

To set up the script for your needs, open it in a text editor, then set EXE on line 1 to the name and path of your application's executable, WND_CAPTION on line 2 to Edge Presenter, and WND_CLOSE_DELAY on line 3 to 10.

Christian Studer -
Quick Death   2023-08-21 08:49
I got an error with the script, but I think from the script, _I_ was not clear.

Request VBS to look for a window with WND_CAPTION, when found, wait WND_CLOSE_DELAY then close application and then start again looking for WND_CAPION.
Christian Studer   2023-08-21 16:40
The error you get means that the EXE path/file name is wrong.

You don't need the script to launch the application?

Christian Studer -
Quick Death   2023-08-21 16:44
The EXE will be already running.
Christian Studer   2023-08-24 06:10
I have uploaded a script which looks for a window with the specified caption, then waits a number of minutes and closes it: CloseWndQD.vbs.

The script keeps running, you don't need to start it again

Christian Studer -
Quick Death   2023-08-24 06:36
Quick Death   2024-05-31 05:52
Been using CloseWndQD.vbs and it works great however it is breaking the "Presenter Mode" in our work application.

We have a "Presenter" button that when tapped opens a "Start/Stop Presentation" button that would allow this feature to work.

Is it possible to modify the CloseWndQD.vbs script to have the mouse select a specific x,y coordinate on monitor 1, Then after 1/2 second, have a it select another x,y coordinate (both on primary monitor).
Christian Studer   2024-06-02 15:14
Positioning the mouse is possible, but you can't send clicks (left or right mouse button), which you would probably need to do?

Christian Studer -
Quick Death   2024-06-03 06:11
Are "mouse clicks" possible in languages other than Visual Basic?
Quick Death   2024-06-03 10:20
AutoItScripts Allows this!

How do I execute: "path\to\AutoIt Presenter.au3" From within CloseWndQD.vbs, instead of wnd.Close?
Christian Studer   2024-06-03 15:40
Not via the windows script host, at least not that I'm aware of, UltraMon handles moving the mouse itself and exposes this feature to scripts.

The following should work to run the AutoIt script from the CloseWndQD.vbs script, change the script as follows:

Set wnd = CreateObject("UltraMon.Window") Set sh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") Do While True If wnd.Find(WND_CAPTION, "", 1, 0, 0) = True Then WScript.Sleep WND_CLOSE_DELAY * 60 * 1000 sh.Run "path\to\AutoIt Presenter.au3" Else WScript.Sleep POLLING_INTERVAL * 1000 End If Loop

Christian Studer -
Quick Death   2024-06-05 11:33
Could not get it working!

I combined the script with ExecuteHotkey, assigned a hotkey within Ultramon and Success! THANK YOU! AMAZING!
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