Mirroring, also called cloning, means showing the same thing on two or more monitors.

Some applications for mirroring:

  • Presentations, with the same presentation being shown on both a monitor for the presenter and a projector for the audience
  • showing documents on a second monitor to a client who is sitting opposite of you

UltraMon offers a very flexible software mirroring solution:

  • mirror to one or more monitors
  • mirror only a single application, part of the desktop, or the area around the mouse pointer
  • zoom the mirror image or flip it horizontally and/or vertically
  • the source monitor can run at a higher resolution than the mirror monitor
  • pause mirroring (freezes the current image on the mirror monitor)
  • use hotkeys to start/stop/pause mirroring
  • source and mirror monitors can be driven by different video cards

Here are screenshots of the mirror settings wizard, with monitor 3 configured to mirror the primary monitor:

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